Date   Venue   Section   Test Piece   Result
28 October Wychavon Champ Entertainment Programme 18th
28 October Wychavon 1st Entertainment Programme 12th (best percussion)
24 September Crawley 1st Earthrise 1st (best conductor, best euph)
19 March Stevenage 1st The Land of the Long White Cloud  15th
29 October Wychavon Champ Entertainment Contest 5th overall with Most Entertaining Programme prize
20 March Stevenage Champ Cambridge Variations
28 November Bournemouth Champ Paganini Variations 2nd
22 November Leicester Champ Paganini Variations 5th
21 February Porthcawl Champ Entertainment Programme 8th
22 March Stevenage Champ Torchbearer 7th
21 September Cheltenham 1st A King’s Lie 16th
15 March Stevenage 1st Cry of the Mountain 2nd
18 January Skegness 1st Vitae Aeternum 1st
30 November Bournemouth 1st Diversions on a Bass Theme 6th
14 September Wychavon 1st Entertainment Contest 1st
19 May Weston 1st Tallis Variations 1st
16 March Stevenage 1st Brass Triumphant 3rd
19 January Skegness 1st Ad Undas 5th
25 November Leicester Champ Rococo Variations 10th
30 September Crawley Champ Comedy Overture 5th
18 March Stevenage Champ Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 12th
27 November Leicester Champ Cloudcatcher Fells 1st
22 May Weston Champ Tallis Variations 1st
20 March Stevenage Champ Paganini Variations 8th
27 November Wessex Champ Tallis Variations 2nd
16 May Crawley Champ Entertainment Contest 5th
21 March Stevenage Champ English Heritage 10th
28 November Weymouth 1st Year of the Dragon 2nd
27 September Harrogate 1st Triumphant Rhapsody 11th
22 March Stevenage 1st Pentacle 2nd
17 January Skegness 1st Hostile Skies 4th
21 September Wychavon 1st Various 4th
15 March Stevenage 1st Circumnavigator 7th
19 January Skegness 1st Plantagenets 17th
14 October Folkestone 1st Plantagenets 3rd
17 March Stevenage 1st The Wayfarer 6th
20 January Skegness 1st Music for the Common Man 2nd
17 September Wychavon 1st Various 6th
19 March Stevenage 1st Voyage of Discovery 9th
21 January Skegness 1st Purcell Variations 9th
24 September Harrogate 2nd Belmont Variations 10th
20 March Stevenage 2nd Variations for Brass Band 1st
12 September Harrogate 3rd Diamond Heritage 7th
24 April Hove 3rd Labour & Love 2nd