The Sandhurst Selection
The Sandhurst Silver is different to most bands in that the music offering is wide and varied.  Take a look at the ensembles below to see what group would fit the bill for any events you may be planning.

Sandhurst Silver Quintet
The brass quintet is the smallest ensemble offered by Sandhurst Silver. Generally made up of 2 cornets, a horn, a trombCaptureone and a bass (tuba), it fits the bill perfectly for the more intimate occasions. Whether it be announcing a bride, background music at weddings/dinners or even Christmas carols round the tree, the Sandhurst Silver Quintet has a very wide range of music for all occasions. 

This ensemble is quite often requested for corporate clients who want some background entertainment during internal meetings and events.

Sandhurst 10 Piece
Sandhurst Silver Band receives many requests to perform throughout the year, from big concerts to corporate events throughout the UK.  Sometimes the band is asked to perform at smaller and more intimate events where a full band is not required, such as weddings, and corporate. For those occasions, the Sandhurst Silver 10 piece ensemble is the perfect choice. The 10 piece ensemble can perform a wide range of music.

ADE_IN_BRITAIN_EP3One request during 2013 saw the 10 piece ensemble performing some music with a medieval theme in the backdrop of Windsor Castle in Berkshire, as part of ITV’s ‘Ade in Britain’, and included a post horn contribution as part of its performance. The 10 piece is very adaptable and can produce music for any event, no matter the theme!

Big Mac’s Little Band
Big Mac’s Little Band came about as a direct result of a request for Sandhurst Silver to play some ‘Big Band Music’ during a concert in 2011.  Such was the overwhelming response from the audience that this group has now become a permanent fixture and highlight of the bands major indoor concerts through out the year.

The group consists mainly of trumpets, saxhorns, trombones and rhythm section with an array of Latin-America percussion.  The repertoire varies from light, popular jazz ballads to standard classics.  The compositions for the ensemble are exclusive to us, with every item a bespoke arrangement.  The library is constantly expanding giving Big Mac’s Little Band the ability to now carry off concerts independently.

IMG_2660Sandhurst Silver Band
Founded in 1908, the Sandhurst Silver Band is a concert performing and contesting band. The band is proud to be the highest rated band in Berkshire, and is the only band in Berkshire to be ranked amongst the Top 200 Brass Bands in the world. The band aims to compete with the best bands in the UK.

The full band is made up of 25 brass players plus percussion who stage public concerts several times a year at a range of venues to audiences large and small. The music is varied and can be tailored to the occasion due to a huge library and numerous composers or arrangers from within the band.

We have a number of musical items in our library which are exclusive to us, or have been arranged for us, which you will not hear elsewhere.

To listen to some examples from each ensemble, please go to the Audio page and enjoy!

If there is an interest in booking any of the ensembles, please get in touch via the Contact us page